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If you have been involved in an accident that leads to your vehicle being heavily damaged and rendered un-drivable, professional flatbed towing services is the safest and quickest way you to carry your vehicle to a repair shop or your residence. But before calling a tow service, remember that not all providers offer quality and affordable towing services. For a reliable tow services in Irvington, NJ, call our operator today through 973-532-4950 and get your vehicle towed immediately.

Why Should You Use Flatbed Towing Services?

The best thing about flatbed towing services is its versatility. Regardless of your vehicle’s model, design and weight, it can easily carry it to your desired location without getting a single scratch. It’s a very secure way of transporting vehicles since all of its wheels will be chained, unlike the traditional way of towing vehicles. This is why flatbed is strongly recommended when planning on delivering or relocating sports cars and other luxury vehicles.


What is Wheel Lift Towing?

Wheel lift towing is a method where either the front wheels or rear are lifted off the ground for easy mobility. It’s a commonly used towing method when there’s only a short distance between the car and location. This method of towing is also ideal for light vehicles, vans and even some small trucks.


However, this type of towing may not be the best option for certain weather and vehicle conditions. If the vehicle is severely damaged or the weather condition is extreme, it would be best to use a flatbed truck for towing. They are designed to safely transport both small and large vehicles, no matter the condition. These trucks can even easily manage long-distance towing.


Special Offer for Insured Vehicles

We give top priority if your car is insured!


Get in touch with your insurance service provider to contact us. Insurance firms have direct access to the dispatch system that we use to respond to emergency situations. You can therefore contact your insurance service provider to get expedited towing services in case you are in an emergency.


At Irvington Towing Service, we have a reputable fleet of tow trucks that can transport all types of vehicles and offer quality roadside recovery services. With just one call, you can get in touch with our customer service desk for flatbed recovery and we will immediately dispatch a truck to come to your assistance.

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