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At Irvington Towing Service, we are not your typical towing company. When it comes to towing, we go where other tow trucks do not dare to venture! We know that most people like taking 4 * 4 vehicles for off-road drives. When driving an all-terrain vehicle in area that is covered with snow, sand or mud, there is always the possibility that the vehicle will get stuck. If you find yourself stuck call our 24-hour dispatch center to get immediate towing services. We will get you moving again immediately.

Why Stay Stuck While We Are A Dial Away?

It is an undeniable fact that driving 4×4 vehicles on different types of terrain can be fun. Getting stuck while driving an all-road vehicle can however be very frustrating. Whether you are two tracking, rock crawling or driving in a muddy area and your vehicle gets stuck, do not fret! Our technicians at Irvington Towing Service can get you unstuck no matter your location. Simply call us and our technicians will show up to offer off-road vehicle recovery assistance wherever you are. We have the vehicles and equipment to get you and your vehicle out of your precarious situation. On calling us, we will get you unstuck in no time. Get your off-road vehicle back on the road quickly with our assistance.

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