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A car battery is what keeps your vehicle moving. When it’s drained or malfunctions, there’s nothing you can do except to replace it. No matter how luxurious or how conditioned your car is, you’ll be stuck unless taken care of. Most people would be frustrated, especially when in a rush. When this happens, you have nothing to worry about. Irvington Towing Service offers car battery replacement in less than an hour, guaranteed. All you need to do is call us and we’ll send out someone to help you with your predicament. Depending on your vehicle’s condition, we may either repair it on the spot or replace it with one of our own. Before you know it, you’ll be back on the road again. 


Why Do You Need to Replace Your Car Battery?

When you find yourself in these types of situations, certain signs can tell if you have a dead battery or not.


1. Car Will Not Start

A vehicle not starting can be due to various reasons, but the most common one would be a dead battery. It could have used up all of its energy due to its age, or is having some malfunctions.


2. Electrical Components Are Not Functioning

If your car’s components such as security system, stereo, lights and other parts that rely on electricity are not functioning properly, you may need to get your car battery checked.


3. Battery Warning Light Is Blinking

Almost all vehicles have warning lights installed that would indicate a battery issue. If the warning light starts blinking, it’s best to have your battery checked before it dies completely.


4. Your Battery Is Producing A Foul Smell

An internal short in your battery or any other type of damage to the battery can lead to a gas leak from the battery. If your car is producing an odd or foul smell, consult an expert immediately.

Call Now: 973-532-4950

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We can replace your dead or malfunctioning car battery and make your driving experience smooth and stress-free. If you need a new car battery for your vehicle, simply call 973-532-4950 and we’ll have our technicians helping you in no time.

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