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Who To Call In An Emergency

It’s always a stressful situation to be involved in an accident. Irvington Towing Service can make sure you’re safe! They’ll also help you avoid additional damage!


It’s wise to not that the primary concern in an accident is personal safety and the safety of those around you. Think about oncoming motorist as well.

Here are guidelines to think of:

  • Exit the roadway in a safe manner that helps you avoid oncoming traffic.
  • Always stay in the car if you’re not sure if it’s safe to exit the vehicle.
  • If you need to, don’t be afraid to call 911.
  • You can always call us at 973-532-4950 if you need your vehicle removed.

The number one concern for us is everyone’s personal safety. After that is taken care of, we clear debris and vehicles away so that traffic can continue just as fast as it can. If you have a destination of choice, we’ll tow it there. Otherwise, we’ll tow it to a secure location. When your vehicle is at our lot, your insurance company will be able to take account of the damage, it will be transferred at a repair shop of their choice if they do not allow you to pick your own. Insurance companies work with us when it comes to fees, which makes it much less of a burden on you.


When it comes to any accident with an injury, you need to call 911. When an accident is not an emergency, call a non-emergency hotline and make a file report of the accident within the next ten days.


No one can predict an accident. Our service, Irvington Towing Service, offers you the best option for recover service that’ll clean up a wide array of problems, including injury, that may happen during an accident. An accident can be shocking. It’s important Irvington Towing Service take out all the anxiety that comes from dealing with your affairs after an accident. You’ll be able to stay as calm as possible. It doesn’t matter what time of day it is. We take it as our jog when dealing with the insurance company. We handle taking your vehicle to your designated repair shop so you don’t have to worry.


Remember what’s important

Share all information that has to do with you, your vehicle and insurance if there is another driver, or multiple, involved in the accident. Make sure to ask for the information of witnesses to prepare you if the police become involved.


Secondary accidents almost always occur as a result of a previous accident. For the safety of everyone involved on the road, we clear the debris as quickly as possible, so the police can go to their next call. We offer the fastest help available after an accident occurs.


When it comes to damage that can be done to your vehicle, or any damage to the things inside your vehicle, our drivers know how to minimize the damage to prevent property loss and a longer repair time. We can even help prevent your car from being totaled.

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Help is coming from Irvington Towing Service!

We hope with all our hearts that you’re never involved in a serious accident! But, we also take pride in helping people recover from them!Some people mistakenly believe they don’t have a choice when it comes to service of this matter. You choose us and we’ll put you in good hands!

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