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With a team of professionals and top-class equipment, Irvington Towing Service stands out as one of the most reliable and trusted towing service companies within Irvington, New Jersey, and even with its surrounding areas.


Specializing in both tow service and roadside assistance, there’s no job that we haven’t handled and no scenario that we haven’t covered. We always aim to provide superior service, establishing a relationship with our clients that is based on quality and integrity.


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Full Service Towing In Irvington, New Jersey

There is no job we can’t handle and have trucks for every scenario.

Light and Heavy Duty Towing

Our fleet includes the conventional tow truck for light vehicle towing and heavy-duty tow trucks for a more careful towing on large and heavy vehicles. Our superior fleet can carry a weight of more than 10,000 pounds, able to tow in your RV’s, Semi-Trucks and other Big Rigs.

Long Distance Towing

We have with us top-notch equipment and highly-skilled drivers to operate them, to carefully tow your vehicle over long distances. May it be 20 miles or 100 miles away, we have the right and proper equipment to handle your property with utmost care.

Flatbed Tow Service

We are proud of our flatbed tow trucks, capable of carrying your vehicle with ease, with no extra hassle. If your vehicle is in no shape of getting dragged from town to town, our flatbed towing service is the best and safest option.

Wrecker Service

Even the most durable and reliable cars have their off days and can break down any time of the day. Worst case scenario, it could bring about accidents. In this case, we will send out the closest operators to your location and get it sorted out as soon as possible.

Motorcycle Towing and Assistance

If you are having trouble with your motorcycle, we have the right tow truck to safely transport it to the closest auto repair shop, or anywhere you prefer relocated. We also provide all types of assistance, with the high possibility of having your motorcycle getting fixed, right then and there.

Private Property Towing

Sometimes, people just don’t care where they park or where they leave their properties unattended. If you are caught in this situation, we can help you relocate these vehicles to a more appropriate place.

Junk Car Removal

We have experts that can deal with junk car removal. We also provide vehicle impounds and other personal property tow services.

Luxury Car Transportation

Do you have a classic car or an exotic one that needs to be relocated or delivered? When dealing with such vehicles, Irvington Towing Service prioritizes safety over speed. We always provide top care when dealing with luxury cars, dispatching only the best equipment and professionally trained operators. We understand that the car’s integrity is of high value, and we will treat it as it is, so you can rest easy knowing that your vehicle is in good hands.


Q: What Time Are You Available and How Soon Can You Help Me?​

We have a 24-hour availability on our work schedule, switching from a team of experts to another team of experts, ready to assist you. Though we can’t say for sure on how quickly we can get to your location, we do have an average waiting time that is less than 45 minutes.

Q: Will Towing Damage My Car?​

No, it won’t. Towing your car is safe, and any bumps or stops that it may undergo along the way will be absorbed by our own tow truck’s suspension.

Q: Do You Guys Have Special Licenses For Towing?​

Yes, in fact, we have both class A and CDL licensed drivers, ready to assist you. Though in most cases, special licenses aren’t required for light vehicle towing.

Q: Do You Accept Fuel Service?​

Just give us a call when you run out of gas, or when your tire gets blown up. We don’t only offer tow services, but also roadside assistance to get you on the go.

Q: How Will I Know If I Need a Jumpstart or Battery Replacement?​

You don’t have to worry about it. Our Operators are skilled enough to identify what’s the matter with your vehicle. If it requires more than a jump start, we always come prepared with a battery replacement, just in case.

Q: How Cheap Does Irvington Towing Charge?​

While we do have a competitive standard rate by the mileage and fixed hook up rate, various factors may incur additional charges. These include your geographical location, your vehicle’s mechanical condition, and the time of day. Don’t worry however, as we always base our rates on industry pricing standards.

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